Web application developer

Hello! I'm Mark Willis, a full-stack English web application developer and IT professional. I work in London and Brighton, UK.

I'm a web and UI developer with a background in UX design and project strategy/management.

I have solid experience in building web applications, from scratch with custom frameworks, that serve millions of visitors a month. This has left me with confidence and a hunger to continue to push what I can do further and further.

Mark Willis

Web design and development

Creating experiences and businesses on the web. Websites attracting half a million daily visitors. E-commerce platforms which trade between seven and eight figures annually. Advertising platform that delivers millions of impressions a day. Each comes with its unique set of challenges.

I have a strong background in custom web application development and responsive design for large traffic and large revenue websites.

Media appearances

1. Snog.com was covered by TechCrunch, and various local newspapers in the UK.
2. Pizza GoGo website was shown in an episode of the TV show "Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish".
3. The Pizza GoGo Gold Pizza was covered internationally by many major news outlets such as Time.com, Yahoo.com, Businessinsider.com, Metro.co.uk, Mirror.co.uk, etc.

Infrastructure to serve millions

Calculating the fine balance between resource and cost. Creating infrastructure networks with hardened security and capacity for millions of requests a day.

Getting the most out of hardware without huge costs: Application specific Apache performance tuning, or strategic use of NGINX, for forward facing machines.

I have designed and built several high capacity set ups over the years. Without using (essentially) out-of-the-box elastic "Clouds" like AWS it helps keep costs down - and in some cases even reduces costs when scaling up.

Interfaces for business

UI design and developement for web, mobile apps, and physical terminals utilising user centred design - a focused and concise version of human-centred design with deeper analysis of target audience.

My ePOS (pictured), with completely bespoke User Interface, is currently in use by the UK's largest privately owned pizza chain, responsible for a significant amount of daily trade across the country.

User experience (UX)

UX design and consultation for projects ranging from simple apps to complex socio-technical e-commerce projects.

I have experienced in wire-framing, designing and developing user interfaces from scratch to production.

User Research and Acceptance Testing

I have also carried out some small scale User Research rounds, and User Acceptance Testing. Producing the reports and presenting it to a board of directors directly.

Documentation and planning

Every good project starts with planning and documentation. That's where the ability to craft concise specifications and design documents comes into play. Being able to create a detailed design document and pass it to a developer, then see your vision become a reality by another person can also be rewarding in its own way.

My interest in design has also in the past lead me to do 2D AutoCad professionally, and 3D CAD in SketchUp. This area of my design skill set is now used for wire-framing human-centred interfaces.

I have also helped plan intricate geographic based project plans for local council housing projects involving thousands of council tenants.

Online advertising

I am tech lead for one of the largest self-serve ad platforms, allowing users to buy & sell online ads on an open marketplace featuring hundreds of vetted sites. This allows publishers to make money with their website on autopilot.

As technical lead, I am responsible for hands on development, strategy, wire-framing, planning, producing design documents, and managing developers.

Email & SMS marketing

I help build and run a powerful yet simple marketing platform any business can use to send bulk Email and SMS marketing message. With advanced live analytics, you can see in-depth data about who is engaging with your campaigns.

I began working with this Brigton based disruptive marketing tech provider in 2010.

PropTech: Online property booking

Brightongetaways.com is a fully automated, instant booking, search engine for short term rental properties in the Brighton and Hove area.

I am responsible for the web presence of this online based business. Design, UI, UX, and Back-end. I also designed a User Research test protocol, which was ran by the directors.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Creating simple and clean Document Object Models for search engines to easily read and analyse as standard: I have a good understanding of on-site SEO practices, which is proven by the vastly improved organic reach achieved in the past.

Partnered with SEO experts who can help you grow your organic traffic through not only their expert advice and optimisation, but also legitimate white-hat techniques to increase visibility and exposure. Get the traffic your business deserves.